Rotoplex Ro Low Speed Shearing Screen Type Grinder

Fig. Rotoplex 28/40 Ro

Fig. Rotoplex 28/40 Ro


The Rotoplex is a cutting mill that utilizes the shearing mechanism. The raw material is severed and made to powder by the stationary and rotating blades. The product size is adjusted by the screen size. The Rotoplex is widely used for disintegration of large masses, pipes, boards, fibers, film, resin, rubber, sponge, and urethane foam, as well as grinding of foodstuffs, fish skin, pulp, fibers, and copper wires. It is equipped with a cross scissor cut rotor made of cast iron. This allows for a strong and durable structure, suitable for long operations. The Rotoplex is ideal for recycling applications of large inferior goods and disposable wastes.
(Rotoplex is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)

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From its horizontal shaft structure, the Rotoplex has the ability to grind many types of materials such as large resin molded inferior goods, bumpers for automobiles, plastic masses, films, and empty bottles.

• Cross Scissor Cut Open Rotor
The rotating cutters are installed on an inclined angle compared to the stationary cutters, which allow for a stable load condition. The open rotor structure prevents build-ups of the raw material and overheating.

• Original Shaft Seal Design
This design keeps the bearing from overheating as well as prevents raw materials from entering the bearing chamber and grease entering the housing.

Fig.1 Rotoplex 90/300 Ro


• Durable casing structure made from cast iron.
• Designed for easy cleaning and easy exchange of screens/cutters.
• Able to grind resin molded inferior goods of various shapes and sizes.
• Able to grind newly molded high temperature scraps.
• Cooling air and water are not needed due to its unique structure that is compatible to the high-speed rotor.

Fig.2 Cross Scissor Cut Rotor

Fig.3 Flow

Fig.4 Shaft Seal Design

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