Micron Separator MS Centrifugal Force Classifier

Fig. Micron Separator MS

Fig. Micron Separator MS


The Micron Separator is a dynamic air classifier that sharply separates fine and coarse particles using the centrifugal aerodynamic force of a rotating rotor and airflow that carrying particles through the rotor. It is used to adjust product particle size or to adjust the product bulk density. The Micron Separator is in use in a wide range of industries and is one of the highest performing classifiers available in the market today.

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Fig.1 shows the construction of Micron Separator. Particles flow in with air into the feed pipe and are carried to the classifier rotor. The particles flow with the air through the aerodynamic centrifugal force generated by the rotating rotor. Lighter particles that can overcome the centrifugal force pass through the rotor with the air and out of the classifier out of the fines outlet. The coarse material is pushed away from the rotor by the centrifugal force and falls along the casing wall out of the coarse outlet. The secondary air is used to increase classification efficiency by increasing the residence time of the particles allowing time for agglomerated particles to break up and to allow for multiple chances for classification to occur.

As shown in Fig.3, the Micron Separator is often used in combination with a mill. In this case, the fine particles are removed from the milled material in order to increase the flowability of the product. Fig.4 shows a system where the fine particles are removed as product and coarse material returned to the mill for further milling. The classifier allows more efficient milling to take place as the Micron Separator removes fine particles meeting product specifications from the material stream in turn allowing for the mill to operate at optimum performance instead of having to mill the material to meet product specifications.

Fig.1 Micron Separator

Fig.2 Flow

Fig.3 Grinding-Classification plant(Fine cut)

Fig.4 Closed loop grinding system


• The operating range is wide and is suitable for a wide range of applications.
Classification size of around Dth=3 - 150μm is possible. The classification precision is high and fines collection ratio is also high. Mostly selected when the classification size is above 10μm due to classification performance and system cost.
• The pressure drop at nominal maximum speed is about 1.5kPa. Since no sealing air is required, this allows for a low energy consumption and simpler ancillary equipment.
• The rotor blades are very robust and easily replaced. Wear protection is also available.
• The classification size is adjusted by changing the speed of the rotor. This is easily adjusted.
• Can be included as part of a milling system. Return of coarse material to the mill is also possible.
• Scale-up is easily done.

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