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ACTITRON ACT Tank Discharger

Fig. Actitron ACT-12

Fig. Actitron ACT-12


The Actitron is installed at the bottom of silos or a storage bin where its vibration enables the smooth discharge of powders preventing bridging, arching and rat holing. Regardless of small or large silos, new installation or retrofit, installation of an Actitron allows for the smooth discharge of powders even when stored for extended periods of time. The Actitron is suited for silos or storage tanks of grains, minerals, foodstuffs and chemicals.
(ACTITRON is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)

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The Actitron consists of a conical discharge section (vibration cone), a fixing ring to connect the Actitron to a storage tank, a vibration cone support equipment with vibration reduction features, and a flexible sleeve connecting the vibration cone to the fixing ring. A vibration motor with adjustable excitation force is used to drive the Actitron.

The vibration motor uses a rotating eccentrically fixed weight to produce a strong vibration force. This force is transferred to the baffle plate which moves in a horizontal circular vibration causing a “wedge effect” in the powder breaking up bridging. The material drops along the outer periphery of the vibration cone. The baffle plate supports the weight of the powder above it preventing any load from compressing the material that drops down into the vibration cone allowing for smooth discharge of material.

Fig.1 Schematic structure


• Can be used to discharge material from any kind of powder storage tank or silo.
• Can discharge first in / first out
• Very small chance of flash flow due to the mass flow effect
• Segregation is minimal during discharge
• Can be adjusted depending upon the powder characteristics
• Simple and robust design


Construction materials:
wood powder, cement, plaster, slate, limestone etc
Foods :
flour, coffee, cornstarch, starch, soy meal etc.
Chemicals :
pigment, plant protective agent, cosmetics etc
Plastics :
epoxy, melamine, urea, AS, vinyl, PVC etc.
Others :
fly ash, activated carbon, minerals, industrial materials, animal feed, barium titanate, etc.

Fig.2 Dimensions

Fig.3 Flow

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