Hammer Mill H, Hammer Breaker HB Impact Type Screen Mill

Fig. Hammer Mill H-12

Fig. Hammer Mill H-12


The Hammer Mill is widely used for coarse/medium grinding of minerals, foodstuffs, fertilizers, and chemicals. Raw materials as big as a few tens of mm are ground to an average particle size of roughly 0.5-2mm by the impact generated from the swing hammers traveling at circumferential speeds of 40-50m/s. The machine is also used often before the fine grinding process to increase capacity and protect the fine grinding machine from wearing.

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As shown in Fig.1, the material is ground by the impact generated from the swing hammers. Rugged liners are installed on the upper portion of the casing to improve the grinding efficiency as well as for wear protection. The size control screens or grates adjust the product sizes. Screens/Grates can be exchanged by opening the side cover.
The Hammer Breaker seen in Fig.2 is designed with a large feed opening and a special feed way, which prevents rebounding of raw materials. This design allows it to grind large raw materials that are too big to be fed into the Hammer mill. Only an outlet bag or a simple dust removal auxiliary facility is needed to operate this machine because only a small amount of airflow is generated. (0.5m3/min/kW) The chute portion can be exchanged for a pneumatic conveying chute if a bag filter and blower will collect the products.

Fig.1 Schematic figure of Hammer Mill

Fig.2 Schematic figure of Hammer Breaker


• When used as a grinding machine to powderize small lumps of materials, the Hammer Mill has a high capacity and only needs minimal auxiliary facilities, making it a very efficient machine.
• Has a durable and simple structure.
• Parts where wearing could take place can be easily replaced and the running cost is low.
• Product sizes can be easily adjusted by exchanging the screens/grates through the side cover.
• The pillow block and main body are separately structured so the machine can be designed to withstand high temperatures (a few hundred degrees Celsius)
• Depending on the application and raw material, the machine can be installed with grates for coarse grinding and wear protection or with screens for easy adjustment of product sizes when grinding relatively soft materials.
• Besides the standard T type Hammer, the machine can be fitted with other hammer types depending on the customer’s preference such as the low cost plate hammer, knife hammer for reducing generation of fines, and pointed hammer for grinding sheet materials. (Refer to Fig.3)

Fig.3 Hammer type

Fig.4 Hammer Mill H-12

Fig.5 Hammer Breaker HB-12

Fig.6 Dimensions Hammer Mill H type

Fig.7 Dimensions Hammer Breaker HB type

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