Pharmapaktor L + Flake Crusher FC Roller Compactor (for pharmaceutical and food) + Crusher

Fig. Schematic structure

Fig. Schematic structure


The Pharmapaktor is a registered name and stands for a roller compactor developed for the needs in the pharmaceutical and food Industry.

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The C 250 Pharmapaktor has an integrated Flake Crusher, cantilevered shafts, a feeding system with screws, and an adjustable gap can be placed inside containment.

The L 200/50 Pharmapaktor completes with a dust tight enclosure a feeding system additional Flake Crusher and a special bearing system which combines good cleanability and a parallel gap at high pressing forces.

All systems can be added with powder conveying systems, vacuum de-aeration and container filling systems.

Fig.1 Pharmapaktor integrated with isolator

Fig.2 Principle of Pharmapaktor and Flake crusher

Fig.3 Pharmapaktor + Flake Crusher


The C 250 Pharmapaktor is used only in the pharmaceutical Industry. Typically it is used to granulate powder mixtures before tableting or for sachet or capsule filling. In all these processes an almost dust free granules with a high bulk density and good flowing properties are required.

The L 200 Pharmapaktor is used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical Industry when only small capacities up to 150 kg/h are required. It is a very robust machine, which allows specific pressing forces up to 30 kN/cm.


• Highly hygroscopic materials such as antibiotic or herb medicine
• Improvement of kneading ability or densification
tea, sugar, salt, menthol, toner, battery materials, bromine salt, effervescent powder, PTFE (Teflon), etc.

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